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Brow Beauty
Special Brow Beauty methods to enhance your brows 

Wax and Design first visit by Debi Brows

Wax & Design: 1st Visit 

Your first time seeing Debi to get your brows waxed and designed?  A first brow wax evaluation visit is an essential step in achieving your desired brow shape and look. During this initial appointment, As a professional brow specialist I will assess your current brow shape, the health of your eyebrows, discuss your desired look, and recommend the best approach to achieve it.

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Brow Lamination by Debi Brows

Brow Lamination & Design


Eyebrow lamination is a keratin chemical treatment. It tackles those stubborn brow hairs, achieving soft smooth malleable brows.  


This technique works very well on any type of eyebrow: very full, untamed, poorly defined, with very little hair . Add tint for optimal results!

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HD Brows by Debi Brows

HD Brows

HD Brows is the number one brow treatment in the UK.
HD Brows is much more than a standard eyebrow wax and tint; Its custom blended colors, precise hair removal, unique styling formula, and makeup application create brows that complement your style.

This treatment can be performed by specially trained certified stylists.

Debi is a Certified with HD BROWS. 

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Wax and Design by Debi Brows

Wax & Design: Maintenance  

Neglecting regular maintenance for your eyebrows can result in a bushy and unkempt look. Conversely, well-groomed brows can contribute to a polished appearance that elevates your overall look. Even without any makeup, a woman with neatly shaped eyebrows tends to exude cleanliness and refinement.


Typically, scheduling an eyebrow session every 6 weeks serves as a good guideline...

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Henna Brows by Debi Brows

Henna & Design

The natural alternative

Henna is a dye of natural origin, without chemicals, that is extracted from a plant.

I use it to subtly correct my brows for more shape, definition and a full, natural look.

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Colored brows - High Drama Color by Debi Brows

High Drama Color

Are you a fan of color?

Then it's time to try High Drama Color.

Making an first appearance at Paris Fall Fashion Week,

this trend is only for those willing to get creative and experiment a little.

From blue to pink or wherever your imagination takes you.

Special colored dyes are used to achieve the desired color.

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Brow Tint by Debi Brows

Tint & Design

Brow tinting has become a very fast and convenient alternative to brow makeup. Add tinting to your brow wax for optimal results.

Who do I recommend this treatment to?


Although the eyebrow tint is to everyone's taste, I would especially recommend it to those people who have thin, curly eyebrows, have started to get gray or simply the color of their hair contrasts with that of their eyebrows.

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Bespoke brow design by Debi Brows

Bespoke Brows

You need a brow makeover? Are you tired trying to figure out your brow shape? Do you struggle on applying makeup to achieve your ideal brows? Need some brow goals?? And not don´t want a Cosmetic Brow tattoo. Then I welcome you to a Bespoke Brow Design.

With this treatment I am going to renew your eyebrows and change your look.

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Bleached brows by Debi Brows

Bleached Brows

Bleached brows made a comeback in 2022! Inspired by the '90s! Incredibly daring and sexy at the same time... very avant-garde!


Ready to make an impact?


Also perfect for our gender-neutral era ; which we are in!

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