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Brow Maintenance: Wax & Design for Polished Perfection

Brow Maintenance by Debi Brows
Brow Maintenance by Debi Brows

Maintaining well-groomed eyebrows is crucial to avoid a bushy and unkempt look. Neatly shaped brows can elevate your overall appearance, exuding cleanliness and refinement even without any makeup.

To keep your brows in check, it's recommended to schedule an eyebrow session every 6 weeks as a general guideline. However, depending on your hair growth pattern, you may find that you can extend this timeframe to up to 8 weeks without experiencing unruliness or disruptions to your makeup application.

Eyebrow shaping and waxing have gained popularity for their ability to frame the face and create facial symmetry. These methods help achieve a defined and tidy look with the perfect arch.

During eyebrow waxing, warm zinc-infused wax is used to remove unwanted hair from the eyebrow area. This relatively short and painless procedure not only removes hair but also protects the skin from irritation or rashes. I understand that everyone's skin is different, which is why I customize my waxing techniques to suit your individual needs. The result is a clean, youthful appearance that is easy to maintain.

On the other hand, eyebrow design takes a more involved approach, sculpting the brows according to your preferences and facial features. Using various tools and techniques, I start with a Brow Map, considering the morphology of your face and brow features, to achieve the most natural and flattering shape that enhances your natural beauty.

So, are you keeping up with your Brow Maintenance?

*Please allow 6 weeks of brow growth between visits.

(No tweezing or trimming, from your lashes to your hairline)

Appointment includes:

✔️Exclusive Brow Mapping

✔️Brow Sculpting Wax

✔️Brow Design

✔️Trimming /Tweezing

✔️Brow Make-up application

☞ Before booking your appointment, please read the Brow Beauty/ Wax Design FAQ to make sure you are a good candidate.

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