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Get Summer-Ready with Perfect Brows!

Summer is the perfect time to enhance your brows and enjoy the season to the fullest. Imagine having flawless brows that stay put even while swimming in the pool or relaxing at the beach. Water and perspiration won't interfere with the perfection of your brows, giving you the confidence to embrace all your summer activities.

However, it's important to plan your brow treatment around your vacation schedule. After the procedure, you'll need to avoid direct sunlight and water contact on your brows for at least 10 days. This doesn't mean you can't enjoy walking around your favorite vacation city during the day, but it's advisable to limit sun exposure and protect your brows with a hat.

Once the healing process is complete, you can fully indulge in summer activities. Soak up the sun, go sailing, explore the beautiful beaches of the Mexican Coast or the West Coast, or spend relaxing days by your favorite lake. Your brows will be there with you, looking perfect and enhancing your natural beauty.

Just remember to apply SPF to protect your brows and skin from harmful UV rays. With proper sun protection, you can confidently enjoy the summer season while showcasing your flawless brows.

Are you summer ready? It's time to get your brows done and make the most of this exciting time of the year!

☞ Before booking your appointment, please read Cosmetic Brow FAQ to make sure you are a good candidate.

Consultation is optional.

(minimum 48 hours before your appointment)


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