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Prioritizing Your Safety: Patch Testing for Brow Beauty Treatments

Allergy Patch Test by Debi Brows
Allergy Patch Test

At Debi Brows, we value your safety above all else. That's why we offer patch testing for all our Brow Beauty Treatments, including brow tint, henna, bleach, lamination, and more.

How long does the patch test appointment take?

The patch testing process is quick and simple, taking less than 1-2 minutes to mix and apply the tint, henna, bleach, lamination, or other products.

Do I need a patch test for every treatment?

Once you've had a patch test, it is valid for up to 6 months or as long as you remain part of the Debi Brow Family and continue using our services at our brow studio. However, if you don't regularly visit our studio, it is recommended to do a patch test every 6 months due to hormonal changes that can cause allergies.

What are the risks?

While rare, severe allergic reactions can occur, including a stinging or burning sensation on the treated area and surrounding areas, including the eyes. Other possible reactions may include swelling, rashes, stinging, burning, or even severe eye issues. If you experience any allergic reactions, rinse the area with water and seek immediate medical attention.

It's important to note that allergies can develop at any time, even if you've received the service on previous occasions.

What happens if I'm allergic?

Although it's very rare for clients with sensitive skin to experience any allergic reaction, if you do notice redness or itching, it's highly unlikely to be severe. In case of any redness or allergic reaction, rinse the area with cold water and avoid using perfume or makeup products on it. Seek immediate medical attention and please inform us about the reaction.

Unfortunately, if you do have any kind of reaction from the patch test, we cannot proceed with the treatment. Your safety is our top priority, and it's important that you notify us of any allergic reactions you experience.

Patch testing is a crucial step to ensure your safety and minimize the risk of adverse reactions. We take every precaution necessary to provide you with the best and safest Brow Beauty Treatments.

☞ Before booking your appointment, please read the Brow Beauty FAQ to make sure you are a good candidate.

Patch test is optional and should be booked 48 hours before you appointment.


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