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Touch-Ups and Corrections: Important Notice for New Clients

Debi Brows Retoques y Correcciones para nuevos clientes
Touch ups are essential for long-lasting results

Welcome to Your Brow Transformation Journey

Welcome, new clients! I understand that you had a cosmetic brow tattoo done elsewhere, rest assured, I've got your back! Whether you require corrections or simply an annual touch-up, I am here to help you achieve the brows you desire.

Assessing Your Previous Work:

To better understand your unique situation, I kindly request that you send me clear photos of your previous brow tattoo. This will allow me to assess the existing shape and color to determine the best approach for correction or touch-up.

While I will do my utmost to re-work the shape and correct the color, it's essential to understand that I must work within the constraints of the existing shape. This means my creative abilities may be somewhat limited, but I promise to strive for the best possible result for you.

Color Fading Requirements:

For clients seeking touch-ups, it's important to ensure that the previous tattoo color has faded sufficiently. Ideally, the color should be at least 60% faded or barely visible. This will allow me to refresh and enhance the color during your appointment, ensuring that your brows look their best. I want you to leave our studio feeling confident and delighted with your rejuvenated brows.

☞Tattoo cannot be more than 2 years old for new client touch up to be valid. You will book as a new client if so.

Steps to Follow:

To facilitate the assessment process, I kindly ask you to take the following steps:

Capture Clear Eyebrow Pictures:

Take pictures of your eyebrows from the right side, left side, and a full-face photo. Clean face no make up. It's best to have someone assist you in taking the photos to ensure clarity. Natural lighting is preferable as it helps me evaluate the details accurately. (no selfies)

Submit Your Photos:

Send the pictures to me via email here. This will enable me to thoroughly evaluate your previous work and discuss the possibilities for improvement or touch-up.

You Prefer a in person Consultation?

A consultation is the best choice. It allows the opportunity for the me to assess your unique features, discuss the appropriate technique, and provide expert advice tailored to your specific needs. A consultation is the best way to ensure and thoroughly understand your desired outcome and to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. Read more here.

By opting for a consultation, you can make an informed decision and feel more confident about moving forward. Book Consultation here.

Whether you require corrections or an annual touch-up. Together, we'll work towards enhancing your natural beauty and creating brows that you'll love.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey to beautiful, natural-looking brows. ❤️


☞ Before booking your appointment, please read Cosmetic Brow tattoo FAQ to make sure you are a good candidate.

☞ Consultation should be booked minimum 48 hours before your procedure.


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