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Why did my Cosmetic Brow tattoo/Microblading disappear?

My Microblading disappeared?
OMG! My Microblading disappeared?

Did you get a Cosmetic Brow tattoo on your eyebrows? Do you have the feeling that the pigment is disappearing or your skin is expelling it?

In this post, we are going to review the main reasons why the color is disappearing and reasons your Cosmetic Brow tattoo/Microblading color isn't taking.

Cosmetic Brow tattoo/Microblading procedures are semi-permanent makeup technique that is performed where small amounts of pigment are deposited along your brows in the skin at the level of the dermal-epidermal junction and depositing pigment in the incision that is created from cuts or dots from a digital machine.

The skin heals over the pigment and it remains in the dermal-epidermal junction for 9 to 12 months.

This would be the result that every artist looks for when doing a Cosmetic Brow tattoo/Microblading job.

Now, what happens when the skin expels the pigment or it disappears during the healing process?

1. What you are experiencing may be normal within the healing process

Before going into panic mode, remember that some loss of pigment is a normal part of the healing process.

A successful Cosmetic Brow tattoo/Microblading result retains up to 75% of the pigment before going through the touch-up session (about 4 weeks after the first session).

Initially, your eyebrows will have a very dark hue, then they will acquire an irregular appearance, and then lighten.

2. Inexperienced Artist

You might not have done your research well and decided to go for the first Artist you found and unfortunately this Artist might not be very experienced and might not understand proper pressure for cosmetic brow tattoo procedures.

If, after a period of two weeks, you observe the complete disappearance of pigment, there is no cause for concern. It is highly likely that the placement of pigment made by your specialist is not deep enough.

To ensure the pigment remains intact and lasts, it is crucial for the artist to penetrate the dermal-epidermal junction. If the wound only reaches the superficial epidermal layer, the healing process of your body will push out the pigment entirely. Unfortunately, this means you will need to undergo the procedure again. Preferably with a different artist.

If the Artist you chose has years of experience, and your brows completely disappeared, don´t panic! Reach out to your Artist and trust they are experienced enough to address the issue at the touch up session. Your Artist will have solutions from changing color tone of pigment, changing needle size / thickness and changing up the healing process, etc.

3. It is possible that the Cosmetic Brow tattoo/Microblading has been infected

Another factor that can interfere with the healing process are infections.

As a consequence of infection, the skin can expel the pigment.

If you suspect that your Microblading may be infected, seek medical attention as soon as possible, this will prevent the infection from going further and interfering with the healing process.

Important: Make sure your artist uses a high-quality pigment and inform them of any allergies you may have BEFORE the procedure!

Pay special attention to nickel allergies.

4. Your artist used the wrong tint color for your skin tone

It is also possible that your artist has not used the correct pigment color for your skin tone. Using the wrong color can change the appearance of the final result.

In this case, it's simply a light color not well suited for your skin tone.

Before doing the Cosmetic Brow tattoo it is important to have a conversation with your artist about the colors and pigments that will be used.

5. You didn't follow the aftercare instructions

This is probably one of the most common.

It is important to follow aftercare instructions that your specialist technician has indicated. Talk to your artist about dry healing and ointment healing to determine which option will be best for your skin type, and be sure to follow their instructions.

Something as simple as getting the eyebrow area wet, putting on the wrong ointment, using a bleaching agent or exposing yourself to the sun can seriously affect the results. See aftercare instructions here.

6. Have you touched your eyebrows or interfered with the healing process?

If you have a tendency to touch your scabs or wounds, tell your Microblading artist first so that, between you, you can find a solution and change the healing process.

If you are using the dry healing process, it is absolutely critical that you DO NOT scratch or touch the flakes.

If you do, you run the risk of removing some of the pigment along with the flake, ruining all the work done on the first visit. The flakes should fall off on their own naturally.

If you are one of those people who cannot avoid touching their wounds, a good option for you is scarring with ointment, because with this process the appearance of flaking is minimal.

7. You have oily skin

Oily-prone skin can have problems retaining pigment.

Some people naturally produce more sebum than others and this can interfere with the Microblading healing process resulting in a loss of pigment.

If your skin belongs to this group, be sure to tell your artist so you can determine if the procedure is worth doing.

Powder Brows is a good option for people with this skin type. In this post, I explain everything about Powder Brows.

8. You need another touch-up

The "normal" Cosmetic Brow Tattoo procedure is to do a first session, followed by a second session for retouching. Although there may be cases in which the client needs another extra touch up session.

Cosmetic Brow Tattoo is a technique in which you cannot ensure 100% results, because each person heals in a different way. I recommend that you always seek advice from a trusted specialist technician.

There may be cases that, on the first appointment, the client is satisfied with their results and does not need the first touch-up, while in other cases it may take up to two touch-ups to make the procedure look perfect (this happens in 15 % of clients who undergo this procedure).

Remember be patient!!! Cosmetic Brow tattoo is an Art not a science.

I will help you through your journey. ❤️


☞ Before booking your appointment, please read Cosmetic Brow tattoo FAQ to make sure you are a good candidate.

☞ Consultation is optional.

(minimum 48 hours before your appointment)


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