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Introducing Microtouch™ by Debi Brows: Enhance Your Natural Brows

Microtouch™ by Debi Brows
Microtouch™ by Debi Brows

What is Microtouch™ by Debi Brows?

Are you satisfied with the overall shape of your eyebrows but wish to fill in a few gaps or add definition to the tail? If this sounds like you, then Microtouch™ by Debi Brows is the perfect solution!

Filling and Defining with Microtouch™

Microtouch™ is a unique Microblading concept developed by me, Debi Brows. It is designed to preserve the natural shape of your eyebrows while selectively filling in specific areas. The technique involves manually depositing pigment by creating small superficial cuts in the epidermis, resulting in a natural appearance of "eyebrow hair."

What Can You Expect from Microtouch™?

It's important to note that Microtouch™ is not a three-dimensional procedure, so it won't give you the dramatic "new brows" effect that traditional Microblading offers. Instead, its purpose is to address 1 or 2 gaps while maintaining the integrity of your natural eyebrow shape.

Consultation and Initial Session

Not everyone qualifies for this treatment, which is why a consultation is necessary to determine if Microtouch™ is suitable for you. During the consultation, we will assess your brow needs and discuss the expected outcomes of the procedure.

The Touch up Process

After your initial Microtouch™ session, it is recommended to schedule a touch-up session 4-6 weeks later. This ensures that any necessary adjustments are made and helps achieve the desired result.

Book your Consultation

If you're looking for a subtle enhancement to your brows without altering their natural shape, Microtouch™ by Debi Brows is the ideal choice. Experience the artistry and precision of our Microblading technique, tailored to your specific brow goals. Book your consultation today and take the first step towards achieving your dream brows with Microtouch™.

Appointment includes:

✔️Exclusive Brow Mapping

✔️ Brow Sculpting Wax

✔️ Brow Design

✔️ Microtouch™ Treatment

✔️ Hydro-Jelly Eye Patches

✔️ Lip Gloss Mask

✔️ After Care Kit

Touch up not included.

Note: Touch up is not included in the price of the Microtouch™.

It is recommended to carry out the first touch-up 4-6 weeks after your first session,

Since with only one appointment I cannot assure you that the treatment will be completely finished.

Touch up price is paid separately.

(Maximum 6 weeks after the first visit with Debi)

☞Before booking your appointment, please read Cosmetic tattoo FAQ to make sure you are a good candidate.

Consultation is optional.

(minimum 48 hours before your appointment)


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