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Your semi permanent makeup options

Microblading session by Debi Brows


A completely manual procedure that consists of making small superficial hair like cuts in the epidermis with a fine blade, through which the ink is then introduced achieving a natural  result. Results last between 9mths to 15mths.

Microblading is not recommended for excessively oily, mature or fragile skin.

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Hollywood BrowsTM by Debi Brows

Hollywood Brows™

Hollywood Brows™ by Debi - is her signature hybrid brow (digital blading + powder ).

It is a combination of strokes and the powdered look.  Debi applies hair strokes by machine and then adds the very soft Velvety effect to fill in the brow and give it dimension.


Both treatments are done at the same appointment for optimal results!

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Cosmetic Brow Tattoo Consultation by Debi Brows

As with most new techniques, if you are not familiar with them they can be intimidating at first.

That is why it is essential that you put yourself in the hands of an experienced specialist.

☞Patch Test will take place at this appointment.

☞Needs to be scheduled at least 2 days prior to treatment.

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Digital Blading session by Debi Brows

Digital Blading

Digital blading, also known as Nano Strokes or Nano Brows, is a revolutionary technique that uses a machine with an ultra fine needle that is infused with  pigment to create hair strokes.

The Digital technique means the pigment is implanted slightly deeper into the skin therefore lasting longer; approx 2-4 years.

Digital machine is suitable for all ages, skin types and tones.

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Fixx Line semi permanent brow treatment by Debi Brows

Fixx Line™️

Don´t know where to pluck? Over tweezing?  Then Fixx Line™ by Debi is for you!

The baseline determines the arch of the brow , therefore its the frame to your brow design!

You can keep you brows defined by accentuating the brow base with a semi permanent fixed  line.

This line is gently shaded with a semi permanent machine implementing ink into the  dermis of the skin.

No more over plucking when doing at home maintenance!

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Cosmetic Brow Tattoo virtual consultation by Debi Brows

Virtual Consultation

If you are in a different city or outside the country, or just too busy to come to the studio.. a virtual consultation is an ideal opportunity !

In which  your questions and concerns will be answered, until you feel comfortable with your decision.

Patch test is sent to your address. (by request & additional fee applies)

☞Needs to be scheduled at least 2 weeks prior to treatment.

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Powder Brows by Debi Brows

Powder Brows

This treatment gives your eyebrows a powdery effect, offering the appearance of full and natural eyebrows.


This technique, is carried out with a digital machine; Small amounts of pigment is  deposited in your skin in your brow area to achieve a perfect design, resulting in velvety-looking and glamorous brows.

Suitable for all ages, skin types and tones.

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Micro TouchTM semi permanent brow treatment by Debi Brows

Micro Touch™️

Do you have a gap or two in your brows? Or are you missing a tail?

If this is your case, Microtouch™ by Debi Brows is for you!

This treatment does not change your natural shape of your eyebrows.

It's just filling in a couple of gaps keeping your shape intact.

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