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Touch ups
Let's explore your color boost options

Inicial brow touch up by Debi Brows

Initial: 4-6 week

The results of a cosmetic brow tattoo  last between

9 and 1.5 years.

For some people longer.
Your cosmetic brow tattoo begins to fade, depending on  profile, health and age of the customer and various factors. However, you can make sure that it doesn't fade or change greatly over time by making sure you do your correction / touch up work in advance. 

☞ maximum of 6 weeks
☞Clients only.

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New client brow touch up by Debi Brows

New Client: Touch up

I have no problem taking on clients from other artists.

I got your back!

But before you book this appointment it's crucial to send a photo to assess previous work.​

You should be happy with your existing shape- I will do my best to re-work the shape, correct the color.  However, I will have to stay within the previous work/current shape.

My creative ability will be limited.

Color needs to be at least 60%  faded or barely visible

Appointment includes: Neutralization /color correction .

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Occasional brow touch up by Debi Brows

Occasional: Touch up

Annual Touch ups are recommended to keep your brow game on point. But some people's pigment may fade quicker than others.  Depending on how quickly your skin cells regenerate, complexity of the skin and lifestyle choices.
Occasional touch ups will assist you in  keeping your brows shaped, colored and defined.  
☞Clients Only.

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Microblading Touch up by Debi Brows

After: 1 year

In general, your brow tattoo fades out . If going the way it's supposed to, you shouldn't have complications even after 12 months or past that. It will just get lighter and lighter, until you decide to refresh it up.

Protect your investment and get your color boost!

☞After 12 months since your  last touch up
☞Clients only.

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